Turf-Parking Technology Association, Hyogo
View of the trial in Hyogo. Thirty different types of turf-paving were compared.
 Why Turf Parking
An urban heat island (UHI) is one of the most serious problems for anybody living and working in an urban area. The main cause of a UHI is undoubtedly the completely modified land surface characterized by hard pavements that effectively retain heat.
In most cities today, hard pavements have apparently expanded more than necessary. Therefore, it is worth attempting an experiment, namely an invention, replacing asphalt- and concrete-paved areas with green vegetation while ensuring that the area does not lose its original function.
Parking lots are areas situated in many urban facilities; they occupy fairly large spaces and release large amounts of heat into the atmosphere. We realized that changing these parking lots into sustainable and eco-friendly turf-paved ones is a long-term and promising solution to mitigate UHI.

 What We Are

As turf-grasses have been successfully used in various facilities through various methods, including the selection of grasses and soils, land preparation, maintenance, and renovation, the concept of turf-paved parking lots (T-P) is realistic but seemingly difficult to realize under traffic conditions.
After a 5-year research collaboration between the government and private sectors in Hyogo, the Turf-Parking Technology Association was established in 2010 as a nonprofit organization aimed at developing the practical technology for covering existing asphalt- and concrete-paved parking lots with turf-grass. By integrating all the techniques learned through this research, we are now one of the most advanced and leading technology providers in the turf-grass pavement engineering sector.
Our goal is to ensure the prevalence of an eco-friendly and functionally sustainable turf parking, achieved by technical integration through construction and maintenance. Our priority is maintenance based on turf science. We provide not only ordinary turf parking but also turf parking that allows 30t truck parking.

A well-maintained turf parking lot capable of accommodating heavy vehicles in a delivery center in Aichi.
Turf parking lot on a college campus in Hyogo.
 Our Activities
  1. To propagate science-driven T-P information on and technologies concerning the improvement of urban thermal environment
  2. To promote technology-integrated and market-driven T-P business
  3. To manage the technology for the design, installation, maintenance, and renovation of T-P
  4. To evaluate the performance of existing T-Ps and their technical improvement
  5. To expand the database on T-Ps and their utilization
  6. To review greening technologies and innovative trials on new T-P
Membership is open to all individuals and organizations interested in being involved with our activities and services.
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